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 Access additional educational tips and tricks by watching our online tutorials below or visiting the Momentum Youtube Channel.

Ways to Help Your Child
With Reading

Not sure how to help your child at home with reading? This video, intended for parents of younger readers, covers three approaches that will hopefully be a lifeline for reading and studying at home.

Ways to Help Your Child
With Writing

Helping our kids with writing can be a frustrating experience for both the child and the parent/guardian.  This video will walk you through three things to think about as you help your child to not only write better, but to write with more enjoyment.

Interactive Read Aloud

An interactive read aloud lesson with the Book, Anansi and the Magic Stick by Eric A Kimmel. A. Kimmel

Figuring Out Tricky Words

In this video, Tara teaches students to solve tricky words in their reading by having them ask, does it look right, sound right or make sense.

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