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Momentum in Teaching was founded in 2011 by three master classroom elementary school teachers from the Long Beach Unified School District in California.

With nearly 75 years of experience between them and their extended team, Momentum was conceived with the need of developing teachers’ literacy instruction practices through an approach that honors what they know, while building on with the responsive and highly effective model of reading and writing workshop.


Having experience in grade levels kindergarten through eighth, the team prides themselves in adapting their knowledge and vast experience in workshop to meet the needs of all faculty. Teachers leave training sessions with the skills, confidence and enthusiasm to immediately implement their new practice. They also understand how workshop fits into an extended balanced literacy block. 

Our Founders

With decades of experience in the classroom combined with a passion for educational development, our three founders have dedicated their careers to provide the best educational resources and consulting services to help our clients succeed.

Our Team

We are proud to have a committed, passionate and fun-loving group of educators who work hands-on with our clients to create an environment of educational collaboration, knowledge and growth. Meet our team below!

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